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Refused to indoor formaldehyde pollution of natural shell powder sought after


    The Severity of Home Pollution in Shenzhen Led to An Issued “Paint Ban”

    On February 28, 2015, the famous former CCTV host Chai Jing exposed in her documentary film “Under the Dome” that among the main sources of pollution haze, traffic emission accounts for 30% and VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission 21%, of which 18% comes from solvent-based paint.

Household environmental pollution is an invisible killer most easily neglected. Once there was a piece of news spreading madly over Wetchat Moments, reading that the number of children suffering from leukemia showed a trend of crazy growing in 2015. A survey to the leukemia children received by children's hospitals in Beijing and Shenzhen, revealed that 90% of them were those whose houses had been decorated within half a year. Household pollution problems become more and more serious. On July 1st, 2015, the most stringent “Paint Ban” in history was issued in Shenzhen, to completely prohibit the use of unqualified decorative materials as solvent-based paint that would do harm to public health. 

    Youaibao Shell Powder Coating Is to Lead the Community in Concept of "Second Renovation"

    To create a healthy domestic environment is urgently required. At the forum of green and innovative design and science and technology, known as "Green Buildings in China", Youaibao shell powder coating, healthy and eco-friendly, came into people’s field of vision. Together with the authoratative magazine called “Coating market", it started its journey to enter Shenzhen communities and lead the community in the innovative concept of "second renovation". With the coorperation of quality design companies, construction teams and brand developers, shell powder coating will benefit thousands of households in Shenzhen, providing this charming city with a low-carbon and healthy living environment.

     Shen Hui, Chairman of Youaibao, Delivered A SpeechTitled "Shenzhen Refuses Pollution" at Shenzhen Home Furnishing Expo.Forum on "Future Orientation of Green".
With a high sense of responsibility to protect the evironment and a good wish to create healthy households for thousands of loyal users, Guangdong Uking Biotechnology Company Ltd, by means of its geographic advantage and modern high-techtook, first introduced this new generation of eco-friendly coating, by cooperation with an elite R&D team consisting of some university scientific research experts.

     At the Signing Ceremony for “Youaibao Shell Powder Into Community”

     Ten Advantages of Youaibao Shell Powder

     Youaibao shell powder is developed from quality deep-sea shell through special processing of being calcined under high temperature, grinded and catalyzed and so on, to be 100% pure natural and pollution-free. It has gone beyond Europe's highest environmental protection standard and perfectly reveals the charasteristics of this new generation of ecological coating with zero formaldehyde. On account of its ten significant favorable properties to be listed one by one below, it will lead the new direction of coating Market.

1. It helps to achieve bag check. Residents can move in the very day home decoration is finished, thanks to the product’s     zero pollution;
2. It can purify the air, by adsorbing and decomposing hazardous substances free in the air such as formaldehyde, toluene,     xylene and ther harmful substances in TVOC, and generating harmless gas. 
3. Wet balance adjustment.With excellent aquatic respiratory function, it can absorb water in case the wall dews under         high humidity indoor and release the stored water in dry environment;
4. Antibacteria. The contained chitin can effectively inhibit the growth of a variety of bacterial spores like Escherichia coli,       Salmonella, Streptococcus, etc..
5. With good odor removal effect.The shell powder can effectively get rid of all kinds of indoor odors such as cigarette         smoke, pet smell, musty odor and the like. That is why the shell is mostly used as deodorant in life.
6. It’s able to prevent electrostatic because its main element is calcium which has excellent anti-static performance;
7. Zero light pollution. Walls coated with shell powder can diffuse light source, making indoor lighting soft and natural, to       avoid eye fatigue from dazzle. So the probability of myopia could be greatly reduced in children;
8. Excellent fireproofing capability. In the event of fire, the shell powder coating can effectively cut off fuel materials in         the wall from fire.
9. Durability. Shell powder is an inorganic material with a lifespan of 20 years, longer than organic material;
10. Bright in color. Its entirely pure natural ingredients gurantees its brightness in color, and elegance and nobility in wall       decoration

     Under the present background where the country strongly advocates vigorous development of green buildings, eco-friendly materials with excellent quality and good user experience are quietly subverting the traditional household building materials industry. Guangdong Uking Biotechnology Company., Ltd, the first to grant its residents with a promise of bag check the very day home decoration is finished, rises as a new power and rapidly become one of the leading enterprises in the field of China’s eco-friendly coating. The new conception of “Second Renovation” proposed by Guangdong Uking at this Home Furnishing Expo in Shenzhen, not only makes decoration time and effort saving, but also enriches people’s life. It won a high degree of recognition and praise from guests present.

      On July 8th, 2015, by virtue of its quality products with excellent properties and good reputation, Guangdong Uking Biotechnology Company Ltd, was awarded the title of green construction material brand of the 19th Shenzhen International Household Soft Outfit Expo.. The other five enterprises, which also honorably obtained this title, are all green environmental brand ones including Gree, Robam and the like. So it is a great honor for emerging industries like ours, stimulating our continuous improvement. Actually we have been long working on R&D and promotion of green eco-products. So by taking the opportunity of this Expo and the Paint Ban, we are here to introduce the healthy, eco-friendly shell powder coating into the vibrant city of Shenzhen, to make it refreshed and benefit hundreds of communities with thousands of households.

     It is reported that Guangdong Uking has just come back from  China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair 2015, where more than a dozen of Party representatives, NPC delegates and CPPCC members of Guangzhou municipal, Guangdong province and the Olympic champion Hu Jia who has been devoted to environmental public welfare projects, visited in person the shell powder coating stand and gave it the thumbs up. It was also interviewed and even reprinted by hundreds of medias, including Xinhua News Agency, China Youth Daily, Private Economy News, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, New Express, Guangdong Building Journal, Guangdong TV, Guangdong TV Station Pearl River Channel, the South TV, Guangzhou TV, Today's Headlines, Tencent, Sina, Netease, Sohu, Baidu and China Building Material. It truly became a star product, a well received new star in green paint industry.


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